Kristen Caffelle

RN, Pelvic Floor Specialist

Kristen is a registered nurse specially trained to provide pelvic floor muscle training and biofeedback.

Biofeedback is a treatment designed to assist patients in retraining their pelvic floor muscle in order to improve bladder and bowel function and pelvic floor disorders. This feedback is used to teach patients how strengthen and relax their pelvic floor muscle and gain control over pelvic floor muscle function. Biofeedback is a painless procedure that utilizes sensors and a computer to display muscle activity. Utilizing the biofeedback method, an individual can learn to isolate the correct muscles more efficiently and stop using incorrect muscles.

“I am passionate about working with my patients together as a team to help improve outcomes and the quality of their lives. I love being a nurse for many different reasons, mainly because it has taken me into the lives of my patients whom I never would have met if I were not a nurse. “

Some of Kristen’s interests include spending time with friends and family, yoga, cooking, and travel.